R wallstreetbets elita



Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 364k members in the WallStreetbetsELITE community. You have found the place. We don't moderate (much). Enjoy actual free discussion. r/WallStreetbetsELITE: You have found the place. We don't moderate (much).

R wallstreetbets elita

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R wallstreetbets elita

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R wallstreetbets elita


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https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/sentiment-trader-at- quant-hedge-fund-at-cindicator-2410397759/ 15 Feb 2021 Digging into the story of r/WallStreetBets vs. Melvin Capital with PowerBI, Python, Sentiment Analysis and loads of charts! 1 Feb 2021 r/wallstreetbets gets its own movie after bringing the wallstreet elite and the hedge funds to their knees after their latest move. 10 feb. 2021 Un forumist veteran al r/WallStreetBets, cu numele de utilizator DeepF---ingValue a cumpărat anul trecut active GameStop în valoare de 50,000  29 sij 2021 Jedan od redditovih podforuma, r/wallstreetbets (čiji članovi sami sebe koju su zakuhale velike banke i elita s Wall Streeta pa im sad vraćaju  28. leden 2021 Burzovní elita logicky sázela na to, že se akcie ztrátového GameStopu Středobodem veškerého dění je diskusní fórum r/WallStreetBets.

2021-01-27 2020-07-04 The members of r/wallstreetbets realized that because of this undervaluation of Gamestop stock, and more shares being shorted by the hedge funds than could possibly be paid back, that if they bought up mass amounts of Gamestop stock that it would shoot up in value, and destroy the hedge funds through turning the value of their hedge funds into pure debt. The only way that the people of r The subreddit ‘WallStreetBets’ came out swinging at Discord after the platform took an affiliated channel down for alleged policy violations. In a statement to the Verge, Discord insisted that it has been monitoring the ‘WallStreetBets’ channel “over the past few months,” claiming its admin allowed “hateful and discriminatory” content to proliferate despite repeated warnings. 2021-01-30 2021-02-08 r/wallstreetbets; Contact Us; Free Shipping on All Orders Over $100! We Are Currently Experiencing Shipping Delays Due to Covid-19.

R wallstreetbets elita

Shopping & Retail . The Stock Options Snipers - Trading Group. Finance. Darrel D "I think r/wallstreetbets is an obnoxious cesspool of the worst that Reddit has to offer," said one employee. (via Input) Mic. Today at 3:00 PM. It sure seems like Gov. Andrew Cuomo has run out of pandemic good will.

re: R/wallstreetbets set to private EDIT: Retards back online:Rocketship: Posted by Chitown_Badger on 1/27/21 at 5:53 pm to Dawgfanman It looks like the twitter account is gone as well, or at least changed from what it was a day ago when I started following. I. r/wallstreetbets is already acknowledged by all European powers to be in itself a power.

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Feb 07, 2021 · And one of those communities, r/WallStreetBets, has been quite active so far this year.

The r/wallstreetbets crowd wasn’t having it. They decided to, as a joke, give Melvin Capital and the other raiders of American industry a heart attack. Through a series of memes and half-serious post, they bid up the price of a share of GME from ~$8 to ~$300.

IGN. Today at 2:00 AM. Check out these deals, including r/wallstreetbets: Like 4chan found a bloomberg terminal. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Mar 22, 2020 · r/WallStreetbetsELITE: You have found the place. We don't moderate (much).

When you throw in a mob of r/wallstreetbets stans, a dead-end company like Gamestop can suddenly break the boys’ club. The problem, you asked? The problem, you asked?